Spirit of Syria – Helping Those Who Need It Most

For the past five years, Syria has been plagued with a brutal civil war, forcing many to leave their homes with nothing but the clothes on their back. Many individuals and families make the long and arduous journey to countries around the world, escaping the violence and desolation back home. In an effort to help the Syrian refugees, many have been allowed to settle in the United States. In fact, numerous families have recently been resettled in El Cajon, CA. Due to their situation and status, many do not have the necessary resources or opportunities to provide for themselves and families.

I had the honor of planning the Spirit of Syria fundraising event, which raised funds to directly help the individuals and families in San Diego. It was an educational and beneficial event that shed light on the ongoing tragedies taking place in Syria, as well as the hardships that refugees face when immigrating to a new place. The night was full of activities and events, that helped attendees greater understand the Syrian culture and participate in a great cause. As guests arrived to the Grand Hyatt Del Mar, they were able to place their bids on a variety of different donated items. These items included traditional Syrian clothing and musical instruments, services donated by San Diego professionals, paintings, and more. Attendees were also able to purchase homemade sweets made by the Syrian refugees themselves! And boy, were they delicious!

Guests enjoyed traditional Middle Eastern food made by Amerdeen, including kibbeh, hummus, and manakeesh! Before guests made their way into the grand ballroom, they enjoyed dabke performances by the young parishioners of St. George’s Dabke Group! This was just one of the first of many performances that happened throughout the night!

Following this, guests enjoyed a performance by Tarciana the Belly Dancer, and a zaffe which performed traditional dabke! In addition, a traditional dance was performed in which the performer spins in a circle for a long period of time. This dance is a traditional Sufi dance that is hypnotizing, as the performer spins round and round without getting dizzy.

After the performances, there was a silent auction, in which guests bid on numerous items. The night was a great night which raised money and awareness for the Syrian refugees, not only in San Diego, but around the world. Share this post to raise awareness for the Syrian refugee crisis!