Planning Your Wedding With Events by Gisele

Follow us, step by step, through one day of wedding planning.

It’s hard to explain exactly what my clients receive when they hire Events by Gisele to plan their special events. Spending time with my clients allows me to better understand their expectations for me as an event planner, as well as their expectations for their event. When first meeting with my clients, I ask them to close their eyes and envision themselves walking into their event. I have them describe to me the details, the reactions from their guests, and most importantly, how they imagine themselves feeling as they see everything come together.

Often times, clients do not believe that I’m with them EVERY step of the way. I accompany them to various venues, in order to ensure that the venue meets exactly what they have in mind. Many years in the business has allowed me to work with a variety of vendors, and I insist on introducing my clients to only the best; those who respect their ideas, time, and budget.

After finding me online, Ashley and Matt contacted me to plan their dream destination wedding here in San Diego. I assured them that although they are living in Northern California, I will make the process of planning their wedding a breeze, even from many miles away.Ashley and Matt then traveled to San Diego, to meet with me and get the planning process started. Beata Pevny, of BZM Studio, followed myself, as well as Ashley and Matt, while we spent the day meeting with different vendors. These pictures provide a behind the scenes look of how an event by Event by Gisele comes to be.

We began our day by meeting with two local rental companies. Each rental company was able to provide us with different options for our rental needs. We browsed through Milano chair, Chivari chair and lots of other options, different lounges, linens and charger plates – just to name a few! My job is not only to make sure you are working with the best vendors, but to keep you focused on your design vision, and make sure your event is aesthetically cohesive. As you can see by these pictures, we worked with different linens, chairs, and table settings to create Ashley and Matt’s ideal table for their reception.

After visiting the event companies, we headed to two bakeries for some cake tasting! Wedding cake tasting involves tasting all of the different flavors, choosing a design, and making sure it goes with the event. It sure is a delicious bonus when planning an event!

I always try and suggest new ideas for events, in order to make your special occasions unique and the most memorable. After we finished cake tasting, Ashley, Matt, and I headed over to a unique dessert tasting. We sampled mini ice cream sandwiches for their reception! They were delicious and definitely going to be a great addition that guests will love!

Despite Ashley and Matt’s short trip to San Diego, we were able to visit some of the vendors they will be using for their big day. It was a productive day, and I was able to get to know the lovely couple even more before their wedding in July.I am excited to share these photos with you, in order to give you a more detailed glimpse of what exactly I can do for you! As you can tell, I will be there for you every step of the way, and will help you create the vendor dream team that will make sure your event fulfills all of your expectations!

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