There are no words to describe how wonderful Gisele is and how grateful my husband and I are for her. Matt and I live In Sacramento, were married on July 7, 2017 in San Diego, and here it is 360 days later and I am finally writing a revIew for her. My tardiness has nothing to do with her or the service she provided for us, but I have really struggled wIth finding the proper words to fully encompass the beyond perfect job she did for us in makIng our dreams come true. I am a complete worry wart (my husband would agree) and thanks to Gisele,I had nothIng to worry about because she kept us on track and in the rIght frame of mind along the way. Just having her In the room put my mind at ease. Matt and I worked closely with her describing the vision of our dream day and Gisele brought the “A Team“ together that we needed In order to execute what we wanted and more. We would make decisions on this or that along the way, but when it was our big day and we saw it all come together, we were In complete awe. We STILL are. Our wedding was more perfect than we ever dreamed it to be…thanks to Gisele. Gisele’s classy, polite, beyond professional, punctual, has excellent taste and is very clear and to the point. She Is very busIness-mInded and excludes ner pinion unless you ask for It. Gisele may have been our wedding planner, but time after time, she went above and beyond the call of duty. Gisele has the warmest, loving heart and welcomed us into her famIly and became a part or ours. She was Mats and my rock. The goal in working together was for Matt and me to get married, but we had no idea we would both fall in love wIth our WeddIng planner too. Gisele is an absolute angel. Matt and I hope to make it to San DIego agaIn very soon because we love and miss her dearly.