Birthday Parties

Gisele designs and creates birthday parties to your specific needs and desires, including themed parties! Every detail is unique to your wishes and dreams! Your birthday celebration is important! Gisele can make your birthday festivities all you imagined and more!

Your Inspiration

Your occasion is the occasion to party! What is your inspiration? Whether it is a child’s party…a cartoon? Or a teenagers party…music?? Share your ideas and personal experiences to make any occasion special and unique to you. What sound like fun to you? It’s probably fun for all!! Everything is possible with a great concept and Gisele!

Create the Magic

As always, Gisele takes your ideas and creates the magic. Conjuring your ideas into reality is her specialty! All of your ideas are transformed into the perfect day for your loved ones. Let Gisele help you shape that out-of-this-world, ideal event! Happy Birthday!

Some Birthday Party Images

Pricing will be based on the size of the event and time commitments.