Lebanese Night in San Diego

Not all the events that I coordinate are weddings.  In fact, some are other parties, like the Lebanese Night, which took place last month.  This party was so special to me; not only because I grew up in Lebanon, but also because I like to spread my wings and help coordinate a wide-range of events, from weddings to birthdays to special event parties and more!

This particular night was absolutely beautiful.  The weather was perfect, the food was abundant, and attendees enjoyed great conversation.  Guests were welcomed into the space by the sound of piano soloist.  That music also continued throughout the evening, so never was there a dull moment.

The evening also included a sit-down dinner, and people had their choice of tantalizing Lebanese food, from a Shawarma station to Manakeesh. The buffet and dessert tables were extensive and seemingly endless, and interestingly so were the bellies of those in attendance!

As a parting gift, guests were offered their own hand-engraved wine glass, personalized with their names engraved on to the glass by a very skilled artist!

The evening was great, and everything from the food and drink, to the vibrant colors of the décor and tables coordinated perfectly.

Special thanks to Emilio Azevedo Photography for the beautiful images, to Maria Garcia at APR Linens, and finally to Sandy Goldstein at Blue Petal Event Design!