How to Plan an Easy and Elegant Christmas Party!

Throwing a Christmas party is easy! Yes, I said it, easy! Christmas time is a busy time for everyone, but here are a few tips on how to easily plan and host an elegant Christmas party for your friends and family!

Plan your Menu

First things first, food! You have already chosen a date and invited the people on your guest list, now you have to figure out what to feed them! Whether you know your way around the kitchen, or prefer to have your Christmas party catered, figure out what you want to offer your guests.

If you are planning on making all of the food, realistically plan out how much time you will have to prepare the day before and day of. Once you have done that, you can plan your menu! Don’t stress yourself out and try and make every single recipe you have ever made. Stick to a few that you know are winners, and even try some knew ones! Inviting your guests over for dinner is also a treat for you! Now you can whip out those recipes you save for special occasions, or have been wanting to try!

If you don’t have any recipes on hand, ask your friends for some go-to recipes! Below are two of my favorite and easy recipes that are always a crowd pleaser!

Now time to make a list and get cooking!

Details and Décor

Decorating is one of my favorite things about hosting a Christmas party, or any party in general! Keep your tablescape simple, with small décor details. Don’t overwhelm guests with large Christmas centerpieces, or an overwhelming amount of plaid. Go for smaller more detailed décor, and avoid clutter!

Add some scented candles to your elegant Christmas party in order to set the Christmas mood. Scented candles invoke certain memories, and will remind everyone of happy times they spent with their friends and families.

Make a Playlist

Set the mood for the party with a festive Christmas playlist! Some cheery Christmas tunes will definitely set a merry tone for your event! If Christmas music isn’t quite your thing, pick any playlist and have it playing in the background! Make your own on Spotify or YouTube and sing and dance the night away with the ones you love.

Have Fun

Most importantly, enjoy your time with your family and friends! Be proud of yourself that you were able to put together an elegant Christmas party that everyone loved! Enjoy the planning, the preparing, and the partying!

My Christmas wish to my family, friends, and followers is that you have a blessed holiday season this year, and every year! I hope my easy-to-follow tips will help you plan an elegant Christmas party that you can enjoy, and celebrate all the good things and happy memories in life!