Elan’s Bar Mitzvah!

Mazel Tov! I am so excited to share with you Elan’s Bar Mitzvah! Elan’s Bar Mitzvah was full of personal details and fun, and I can’t wait for you to see the pictures!

First, just a little background on what exactly a Bar Mitzvah is.

A Bar Mitzvah is a traditional Jewish celebration that marks a boy’s entrance into adulthood.According to secular law, adulthood starts at eighteen years old. However, according to Jewish law, adulthood starts at thirteen for boys and twelve for girls.

It is an exciting time for both parents and the celebrant as well. Parents get to welcome their children into religious adulthood and celebrate the ancient Jewish tradition with their children, family, and friends!

Elan’s Bar Mitzvah began with the religious ceremony at Beth Israel Synagogue. It was an intimate ceremony with just close family and friends.The Bar Mitzvah celebration took place later on in the evening on the, California Spirit. It was the most perfect night for a dinner cruise around the waters of San Diego, from the perfect weather to the clear skies that allowed guests to enjoy the beautiful San Diego skyline.

Now, this was just no ordinary dinner on a boat. There were games, a DJ, and gorgeous decorations that took everyone’s breath away.

The minute guests walked onto the boat they were handed a refreshing glass of champagne or apple cider. After they walked in, they left sweet notes on Elan’s custom graffiti painting that served as a guest book.

The younger guests could hardly contain their excitement when they saw the ping pong and foosball tables, as well as the skee ball machines. They were quick to leave their parents side and start playing with the other guests.

After guests enjoyed their appetizers and games, they headed up to the top deck for dinner. Each table was decorated with beautiful orange and yellow floral arrangements. Some tables had gorgeous tall fresh tulips, while others had vibrant yellow roses and orange gerber daisies. Each table number was a black and white picture of Elan at a certain age, which went perfectly with the pearly table linens, and orange napkins and place settings.

The dining area was also  full of pictures of Elan throughout the years. It was a fun way to see how much Elan has grown and all of the memories he has created with his family and friends.

Following dinner, guests headed back downstairs to enjoy some sweet treats and coffee. As everyone made their way downstairs, the DJ and his assistant really got the crowd going on the dance floor! The dancing assistant led the group in some fun dances, which was a great way to get those shy dancers dancing! Those who did not want to dance enjoyed playing the rest of the night!

Elan’s Bar Mitzvah was full of fun personal details, that tied the whole celebration together. All in all, it was a great celebration that honored Jewish traditions and was full of fun!  Again, Mazel Tov!