It was a big relief or me to know that Gisele is my event planner and day after day I grew more confident that hiring Events by Gisele was the best decision I made in starting to plan a very important and special day for my family: Our parents’ 50th Anniversary. From the first minute I started working with Gisele till the last minute after all our guests have left on the day of the event, Gisele was on top of things. She was professional, effective, efficient and caring. Not once in the six months of preparation did I feel worried that I was planning our event alone. Even the last 2 weeks that anxiety was building up in my heart, Gisele was so confident and calm that talking to her would calm my nerves and assured me that things will be fine. I would definitely recommend Events by Gisele for any event big or small. I know I did the right thing when my parents said that day would be etched in their memory for EVER!