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Gisele wishes you her warmest congratulations on your recent engagement! If you are looking for a top wedding coordinator to create your “once in a lifetime wedding,” look no further. Gisele works side by side with you providing a fine-tuned, relaxed and worry-free experience. With so many details to consider, she will help you coordinate and create your vision for your wedding beyond all of your expectations, hopes and dreams.

Wedding Coordinator Expectations

Expect only the best from your wedding coordinator Gisele, from creating custom design to planning a wedding down to the most meticulous of details, every aspect of your glorious day will be specifically designed to your very own particular style. Gisele’s wedding coordination experience is hands on; even the smallest details are the most important. She also contributes various options for your consideration, affording you many choices that suit you as a couple perfectly your Aliso Viejo wedding is as important to us as it is to you.

A Trust Wedding Coordinator

Whether you are planning to choose from the stunning Aliso Viejo wedding locations, a waterfront wedding, a beautiful vineyard wedding or simply a quaint backyard affair, Gisele can provide you and your guests an elegant, inspired wedding that is reflective of the bride and groom. For the most important day of your life there is no substitute for a wedding coordinator that is experienced, intelligent and creative.

Trust Gisele’s wedding coordination accomplished and capable hands to effortlessly and seamlessly execute your wedding day to perfection. Your Aliso Viejo wedding reception will be both elegant and enjoyable for you and your guests. She not only understands but is also passionate in accomplishing your goals in a direct, simple and sincere way. Create your precious memories by choosing Gisele as your Wedding Planner Coordinator.Coordinator.

Aliso Viejo Wedding Coordinator Gisele For A Perfect Wedding Day!

Your wedding coordinator Gisele will live up to your expectations from coordinating the custom design to planning a wedding down to the most meticulous of details.

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